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Berliner Abendblatt, May 4 2011, concert at the Filmbühne am Steinplatz, Berlin


Issue 40 11/2009

FolkWorld CD Review - Jehanne Boka "Darkness & Light"
Label: self-publishing; 2008
In 2006 Berlin based songwriter Jehanne Boka has published her debut album "Darkness and Light" with eight original compositions. At the recordings the singer, guitarist and saxophonist was accompanied by Morten Stene (fiddle, violin), Gisa Mierke (bodhran, tin whistle, flute), Stefan Daskalos (gadulka), Jens-Peter Kruse (bass, guitar, percussion) and Hans Block (piano, drums, percussion). The CD opens with the melancholy love song "Shoal of Fish" and the foreign sound of the Hardanger fiddle and the gadulka (a Bulgarian stringed instrument) to which Boka sensitively plucks the guitar and sings with a crisp, clear voice. But better watch it: In the following "Pantomime Encounters“ drums and bass create a compelling rhythm and the violin itself is fighting a breathtaking duel with Boka's singing and guitar. Piano and tin whistle introduce the quiet blues "My Lord" until percussion, violin, guitar and vocals are slowly forcing up the pace. Boka feels at ease with all these styles, and her beautiful singing voice and guitar-playing are accompanied by outstanding musicians. The following are the rhythmic song "It's ok", the folky "The Midget" in which the Hardanger fiddle can be heard again and Kruse is showing excellent bass playing, and the instrumental piece"Fallobst". In the latter Boka plays the saxophone, Daskalos the gadulka, Stene the violin, Kruse the guitar and Block plays percussion; a very rhythmic piece. The Celtic-style ballad "Something" and the romantic "Wondering" which is dominated by singing, piano and recorder close an album that has captivated me from the first to the last note. Jehanne Boka is a brilliant songwriter with a beautiful voice and her debut album makes curious about the following one which will hopefully be released soon. Curious? There are audio samples on

Adolf 'gorhand' Goriup


Berliner Abendblatt, January 16 2010, Jehanne with Thibault Falk live at "Studio10", Berlin


Berliner Abendblatt, September 5 2009, Jehanne live at the "Haus der Sinne", Berlin


Review in the monthly music magazine "Folker", issue January 2009

Bernauer Hussitenfestspiele 2008, programme

Berliner Abendblatt, September the 21st 2005, Liedersalon at the "Studio10" in Berlin-Pankow

Berliner Woche, June the 22nd 2005, Jehanne live at the "Zimmer 16" in Berlin-Pankow

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