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About Jehanne

Jehanne started writing songs about the time she left school but had already been writing down her thoughts and experiences in a journal for about a decade. She started writing down her dreams at the age of ten. She started singing before she could talk, definitely before she could read or write. Early musical influences at the age of five would be Cat Stevens, Simon & Garfunkel and Mozart, all of which she would sing along with.

Her first visit to the State Opera House in Vienna („The Magic Flute”) also dates back to that period. No wonder her first instrument was the violin. At 14 she picked up the guitar and taught herself but took piano lessons at the same time for about a year. At 15 she dropped both the piano and the violin, the latter of which was years later transformed into a sculpture when she got into the works of violinist John Rose.

At 18 she bought her first saxophone, then impressed by the music of Buedi Siebert. At that time she also knew the complete musical work of Wolfgang Niedecken (BAP) by heart, including the use of the particular dialect spoken in Cologne (koelsch).

Since she came to live in Berlin & on her many journeys she has been playing live & recording music with artists of various styles & origins. She played live with worldmusic group „Fata Morgana” as well as „Shazan” & „Wolgemut” who specialize in medieval music. For years she played double bass in a Berlin based celtic folk band called "Berlin Folks".

Apart from the instruments mentioned above she also plays kemençe, tenor-fiddle and oud. Jehanne is currently recording her 2nd album with violinist Morten Stene (Norway), jazzpianist Thibault Falk (France), with Gisa Mierke on tin-whistles and recorder, and Cord Radke on drums, both from Germany. Guest musicians are: percussionist Dabo Sagna (Senegal) and Stephan Daskalos (Bulgaria) on gadulka.






Foto: Jehanne with „Fata Morgana” at an open-air concert in Berlin-Schöneberg, Berlin, on drums Christos Stoligas.


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